If you’ve flown a drone or two in your time, you probably know the hassle it can be to attach your mobile device to the remote. Some are easier than others, but all require the proper cables, battery management and more.

DJI has decided that Mavic 2 pilots shall join the ranks of operators that don’t have this issue. The new DJI Smart Remote Controller provides a slightly different configuration, including a built-in display to get you in the air as easy as possible.

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DJI Smart Remote Controller front

Many higher-end drones on the market deliver with a display built into the remote. That goes for DJI’s products especially, with machines like the Phantom 4 Pro offering a Plus model that includes a 5.5-inch panel. Mavic 2 operators will soon be able to get in on this fun.

The DJI Smart Remote Controller offers 1000-knits of brightness from its 5.5-inch panel. The remote is powered by a minimal Android operating system, much like the Phantom remote, and the top portion of the remote has been reduced in size.

DJI Smart Remote Controller joystick

With a built-in display, DJI has removed the smaller telemetry panel that provides basic drone info. This info is available through the DJI GO 4 app, installed on the remote. The end result is much more of the front surface area of the remote being a display surface for your drone flight.

As you might imagine, the new remote operates with DJI’s OcuSync 2.0 technology. They have not announced any improvements that make the remote superior for basic connectivity, this is more of a user preferences and layout option. It can certainly be a hassle to ensure that your smartphone is all ready to go as a drone remote, and even more of a hassle to try to take a call mid-flight. Eliminate these pain points with the new remote.

DJI Smart Remote Controller top ports

The remote offers a few new streaming options, to share your drone video as it happens, and you can take it more places with greater weather tolerances. You’ll be able to burn through a few drone batteries, with a rated 2.5 hours per charge for the remote.

The DJI Smart Remote Controller will ship in early 2019 and will sell for a price of $649 at start. Stay tuned for package deals with the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom.

DJI Smart Remote Controller controls

What do you think, is DJI on the right track with the new Smart Remote Controller?

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