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One of the top drone airspace and authorization programs on the market, Airmap offers global airspace intelligence in the form of airspace maps and LAANC authorization.

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From pre-flight airspace analysis through your drone flight and safely back to the ground, the folks at Airmap have a powerful tool for you. For the most part, Airmap is what the name implies, a mapping program for your drone flight, behind the scenes, Airmap offers difference services for different levels and stages of our flight, including integration with drone insurance.

For our hobby and basic commercial flights, we fire up Airmap first, it is an extensive airspace map that helps us decide where we can fly. If that flight area is in restricted airspace, Airmap has integration with LAANC, providing you with FAA authorization to put your drone into the sky. Just indicate your desired flight area and altitude, answer a few questions about your craft and the purpose of the flight and let Airmap handle the request with the FAA.

Once you are in a registered flight within Airmap, it is able to show you a real-time map view of all ADS-B and other reported aircraft in the area. Flight safety and airspace situational awareness are key to a successful flight, Airmap has got your back.

Airspace Map – powered by Airmap


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