screenshot of the confirmation email from Uvify that my Uvify OOri is shipping Now.

June 12, 2018: Forgive me my excitement for this drone, I am super eager to get my hands on the new Uvify OOri, and my wait is practically over. An email came in from the Uvify Store, my OOri is shipping out now! Stay tuned for our full review, hands-on impressions and so much more.

You can order today and your OOri will ship out as soon as the pre-orders are fulfilled.

Uvify OOri shipping update

We have official word from Uvify on the status of OOri, this powerful micro drone will begin shipping in May. Uvify OOri is a high speed race trainer that we pre-ordered on the spot at CES 2018, we’re pretty excited to see it shipping soon.

In an update email to all pre-order customers, Uvify outlined the factors leading to the shipping date. They offered up the info along with an apology for delay, which is a pleasant surprise considering the ‘new’ shipping date is what we had expected in the first place.

Update: May 3, 2018 at AUVSI Xponential in Denver. We sat with Uvify to get all the details, let’s check it out.

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The Uvify OOri is set to begin shipping in the middle of May 2018. This is a goal, not a promise, but we have no reason to expect delays.

One of the primary reasons Uvify has delayed shipments thus far is to improve performance. I will happily wait a couple weeks to receive an updated drone that is faster and has greater battery life. Considering Uvify is pushing 60 mph with OOri, I can’t wait to see if they can get it much faster.

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That apology to those of us that have already pre-ordered OOri is a 20% discount on a future purchase at their store. No complaints here.

Have you pre-ordered OOri, or is there a different small racing drone you have your eyes on?

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