Yuneec Mantis G Europe order

We have to admit, we were thrilled when Yuneec announced their updated folding drone, the Mantis G. After flying the Mantis Q, we were left wanting for very few things, one of which was critical, a stabilized camera gimbal. The Mantis G offers this feature, and a few other minor improvements, and the drone is now beginning to find its way to consumers, in the EU, at least.

U.S. customers are still waiting for word on their pre-orders, but with the drone shipping in one part of the world, we have hope that it will find its way through the postal system in North America soon.

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For reference, here is the Mantis G side-by-side the Mantis Q.

[vs-drone-spec drone_1=”18408″ drone_2=”12804″ title-state=”on” title=”Mantis G vs Mantis Q”]

What do you say, are you ordering the Yuneec Mantis G for €699?

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