Not all drones are made equally, at least, we have a lesson today that quality is not made up of promises and a solid spec sheet. Onagofly F115 is a crowdfunded drone with big dreams, but the only thing about to soar are the legal fees as they are sued for under-delivering a “shoddy” product.

Raising $3.5 million on Indiegogo was an impressive achievement, the F115 looked like a promising GPS equipped, 15 MP camera drone. However, now that the product is in hand, if delivered at all, many are calling it little more than a paperweight. A $300 paperweight.

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We don’t blame anyone for pledging toward this drone, the spec sheet offers up a reasonable mid-range hobby drone. 15 minutes of flight time, a 15MP camera, USB charging, some autonomous flight, GPS tracking and more. We’d have supported this as well.

The problem, and the reason the company is under fire with a big lawsuit, the final delivered product is plagued with technical issues, most report that it never flies, never mind performing all of the promised features. Further, image quality proved far worse than a Sony sensor should provide, batteries failed to charge, firmware updates were non-existent or seriously problematic and more.

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I don’t want you to be afraid of crowdfunding projects, many turn out to be as promised, or better. I will say, for my own dollar, I will treat untested drones as toys. If I am on the look out for a tool of a drone, a device guaranteed to deliver on the specs and features promised, I’ll stick with already released drones.

For more insight, or to lodge your own complaints, check out the website Arstechnica has the class action lawsuit in pdf form here. Finally, the project campaigner hasn’t abondoned you, despite the failures in the customer support side, Sam Tsu is at least replying to some of the many, many negative comments on the project.

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