It seems every chip manufacturer is beginning to buckle down and take on this self-driving car thing for real. Now that companies like Intel have begun making loads of acquisitions to accelerate their presence in the space, others are beginning to take notice. Meanwhile, NVIDIA which has been working on autonomous driving technology for years, has opted to partner with Bosch to create a self-driving compute module made for the mass market.

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Bosch essentially directly competes with MobilEye, supplier of integrated computer vision technology that was just acquired by Intel. NVIDIA is hoping to corner the market not being held down by Intel and other self-driving car companies, and Bosch is a company that can make that happen. NVIDIA is using it’s Drive PX board with its new Xavier chip, and is allowing for Bosch to create car computers using this technology.

The company has not announced when these new vehicles will begin shipping, and we shouldn’t expect anything mass marketed anytime soon. Though Bosch is a company whose core competency is to mass produce parts for vehicles, NVIDIA seems to want to get their computer perfect before they push it out to customers. This is understandable, since issues with self-driving tech could be disastrous if pushed out too early.

Are you excited for this technology to finally start making its way to the mass market? Let us know.

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