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Fluidity FT Aviator


If the video game controller design is not to your liking, try the Fluidity FT Aviator – a one-handed joystick remote control for your DJI drone. Intuitive, functional and fun.

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The Fluidity FT Aviator is one of our favorite accessories for flying our drones. This is a joystick controller that offers one-handed flight controls, although it takes two hands if you want to access the camera controls. Designed by Scott Parazynski, a pilot and astronaut, the FT Aviator is made for young and old to enjoy, offering an easy and intuitive controller. At this time, the FT Aviator works with DJI drones, and it does so very well. The Fluidity app is very familiar for experienced DJI GO 4 users, and the app allows quick access to change control between the DJI controller and the FT Aviator.

The sensitivity dial allows the FT Aviator to grow with the pilot. For those super steady slow pans or for brand new pilots learning how to fly, use turtle mode, then when you’re ready, dial it up to five to make use of the full speed of the drone. There are even separate sensitivity controls for controlling the drone and for the controlling the camera.

As the FT Aviator is an accessory that connects on top of the existing DJI control, you’ll still need a DJI remote, or at least your smartphone, to control a drone, but the Bluetooth connection means you can leave that controller to the side, using just the FT Aviator joystick controller for your flight.

Check out the FT Aviator for $349 today.

(Fluidity FT Aviator is compatible with the DJI Mavic series, Phantom 3 and 4, Inspire 1 and 2, and the Matrice series DJI drones.)


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