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XDynamics Evolve 2


Putting a DSLR in the sky is a solid camera drone approach, but the XDynamics Evolve 2 has a built-in micro four thirds camera, we like it.

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The XDynamics Evolve 2 drone offers a carbon fiber fuselage and propeller arms with magnesium undercarriage, plenty of power and flight time, and a slick micro four thirds camera. The payload makes the purpose of this machine very clear, this is a high-end camera drone.

The original Evolve drone was a good stepping stone for the company, but now that they’ve learned how the market works, we’re glad to see the huge jump from a 1/2.3-inch camera up to a micro 4/3 system. The camera we use to record our videos for the site, the Panasonic GH5, is the same size of sensor, and cost close to the same price as the Evolve 2, with lenses. we have very high hopes for a machine with a camera of this caliber, and we look forward to putting some of our lenses on this drone. The XDynamics Evolve 2 also offers crazy connection range, clocking over six miles of connectivity. Laws make it hard to use this in the Unites States, but waivers can be had, and other countries can take advantage of this.

The XDynamics Evolve 2 is set for April 2020 release with a price of $3,699. You can pre-order today for $50 down.


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