Drones are disruptive, and that’s a good thing! The FAA’s speech at InterDrone 2018 has given all drone pilots and drone lovers the confidence we need to keep flying happily.

The FAA’s speech brought up some great points, from the future of drones to current issues we face with drones. Let’s dive in and see what was the FAA had to say about our beloved drones.

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What was the speech about?

The main point to take away from the FAA’s speech is that the FAA are on our side. The FAA is working with drone pilots, companies and government bodies to put the best practices and laws in place for the future.

The recent drone attack on the Venezuelan president was mentioned and has created a conversation to keep both the public safe from drone threats as well as making sure drones aren’t tampered with mid-flight.

Mention of the first beyond line of sight drone delivery was completed by the Wing team was made. A popsicle was delivered to a two-year-old in a six-minute flight. This might seem like insignificant flight but to have the FAA on board with it is a big step in the right direction to one day having your parcels delivered by drones.


The FAA created CAST (Commercial Aviation Safety Team) made up of safety professionals, governments and industry professionals that share data and ideas among each other. So far CAST has managed to make two hundred safety enhancements to current drone laws.

The future of drones, according to the FAA is going to tough to get right. Currently, there are issues with night flights, being able to identify pilots and their drones while they are in the air, drone management systems and of course getting the approval for new drone laws to aid in this from Congress.

Wrap up

Do you think the FAA is doing a great job in regards to drones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or head over to our social media accounts.

What’s next?
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