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UVify Draco HD


The UVify Draco HD is a 100MPH muscle-car of a drone, ready for racing, freestyle, and powerful enough to haul a GoPro. Equipped with a digital 720p camera for crystal clear FPV.

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The UVify Draco HD is the digital camera version of UVify’s first consumer drone. The two versions, the Draco and Draco HD, garnered awards at CES 2017 and became the leaping point for several other racing machines in a series. The only difference between the two being the camera. More specifically, the Draco HD is equipped with a full digital video transmission, while the Draco uses an analog video transmission, both work with FPV gear. There are pros and cons to each, but the Draco HD with digital video is a little more expensive, still offers a low latency video stream, and provides a much cleaner image.

For the racers out there, the UVify Draco HD is a fairly heavy drone. It is very powerful and fast, but needs a bit more room to make the corners. Draco is ideal for courses with long straights, but maybe grab something like that little Baby Hawk for tight courses. For the high-speed aerial cinematography folks, you came to the right place!

Check out the UVify Draco for $799.


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